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Product Description:

cooking pot is a kind of kitchen multi functional cookware with double bottom welding technology and non-stick coating. It is multi-purpose, easy to use, time-saving and power-saving. It is favored by many families. As a multi-functional kitchen product, the multi-functional cooking pot has functions of frying, grilling, roasting, braising, stewing ,steaming, boiling, baking and poaching. It can also be used to Hot pot in winter, which is very convenient. Multifunctional cooking pan can effectively save kitchen space, because if you want to cook, fry and grill etc. these functional pans one by one, it is estimated that the space alone will be a lot!

Product Features:

1、Beautiful appearance:

 For electric pan all functions are clear at a glance on the panel, and the operation is simple and convenient.

2、Functional diversity:

Frying, grilling, roasting, braising, stewing ,steaming, boiling, baking and poaching are all available. To achieve which cooking function, only the corresponding power can be adjusted.

3、Uniform heating:

Fast heating, wide power regulation range, high thermal efficiency.


It is equipped with multiple security protection, not afraid of dry burning, high temperature will automatically power off protection, safe and reliable.

5、Environmental health:

Smoke-free, fire-free, environmentally friendly and healthy, and save time and electricity, high efficiency and energy saving.

Electric pan Application :

1. Deep-frying: When you fry can use different power which can be adjusted.

2. Steaming: Steamed steamed bread can be steamed up to 20 layers at the same time, opening the full power 2100W, adding water about 3Kg.

3. Braised rice: first turn on the total power of 2100W, add water to boil and then reduce to 800W. After about 5 minutes of cooking, the power is cut off and the remaining heat is used to braise for 20 minutes.

4. Boiling: Boiling dumplings with a layer of empty steaming grid on the pot to prevent overflow of boiling water, first boiling the total power 2100W, boiling water, dumplings, turn over, cover the pot, boiling for 3-5 minutes.

5. Stir-fry: When stir-frying, stir-fry 2100W in a hurry, 500W, 800W, 1300W and 1600W in a slow fire.

6. Burning: When baking cake, preheat it for 1-2 minutes with 2100W, then reduce it to 800W.

7. Hot pot: All the switches are turned on, and 8-10 people can be cook at the same time.